Monday’s Make-it … { my “BOO” pumpkin }


How was ur weekend??? What did you do? I wanted to add a bit of more pizzazz to one of our Halloween pumpkins in our patch so I decided that I wanted to ‘decorate it’ with letters, and of course … it had to be economical (that’s how we roll) so … thumb tacks to the rescue!!!

I strolled to Rite Aid store (their stationary ailse) and got white thumb tacks for $1.49. I was nervous about making a mistake .. I didn’t want to tack incorrectly and have pumpkin juice sap out calling squirrels for dinner (lunch or breakfast), PLUS my handwriting is sloppy, soooo ….


I decided to type/print/tape the letters and push tacks OVER the letters (to maintain an even look). Then when I went to pull the paper off, the tacks started coming out (yikes!!!!) … I think the squirrels were starting to call their relatives and freinds over for dinner.


So, onto the next plan .. I grabbed transfer paper, placed it under the letter and pressed against it to get the letters aligned the way I wanted it, then simply pressed the tacks following the outline:



Here it is completed, whatchathink of it?

 I think it’s a great ECONOMICAL way to make pumpkins even more unique and FUN, plus it’s a decorative item that is great for outdoors AND indoors:

Want to know how I made the spider-pumpkin? Check out that creation here!

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3 Responses to Monday’s Make-it … { my “BOO” pumpkin }

  1. This is really cute. I had my son put thumbtacks in a small pumpkin, but of course it wasn’t very organized. We don’t have a front yard to put pumpkins out on, but if we did I would love to do the thumbtack word project.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a GREAT and economical way to create some Halloween decor… I could definitely do this!

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