Wednesday’s Wink … {design peek 2of3 | ‘yellow where??’}

If you haven’t seen the 1st part of this design reveal then check it out now (pssst - I show pics of the curvey carpet tiles we used - a cow hide design). In all my designs I aim to create an unexpected elements … like painting the window frame a different color than the walls!! So yellow where? In the window frames for a peek of sunshine! Check it out, here I am pointing to it:

Here’s a view of the other window in the room (again painted with a happy serene yellow color):

In this design, where we kept my client’s leather sofa, I incorporated a floorlamp with a black shade to balance the dark color of the sofa:

Here’s a pic of the beginning stage of our install .. paint almost done, and curtains not up yet:

Ready for more pics of items I sourced for my client? .. Uumm, not the bike (that is hers). However, I did use the color of the bike (that my client looooves) for inspiration ….

I created a work space within the living room as well, adding a corner table, beautiful lamp that has a clear base with a blue cord, and a large board for posting notes and photos (that’s Murat below installing it):

What do you think of the design thus far? I will reveal more (the other side of the room) next week.

Here is a peek at the furniture placement layout that I created for my client - next week I will reveal pics of the other side of the room.

See you next week. Oh, did you spot the gorgeous gray loveseat next to the ottoman? Ottoman top opens up to a storage compartment.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … {design peek 2of3 | ‘yellow where??’}

  1. anonomyous says:

    What a nice a sunny surprise. The yellow in the window frame is a nice touch, it’s very unexpected but pleasant.

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