Wednesday’s Wink … {design peek 1of 3 | CARPET curves}

Hi! Today’s post will bring you along to one of my interior design installations in Manhattan (New York). One of the design elements was adding a faux cow hide area rug (rug is actually carpet tiles). The manufacturer ships the tiles with an outline design + number on the back of the tiles so our contractor simply had to follow/cut the outline to shape this oooh la la curves in the carpet - check out the photo below:


Here’s a wider view of the carpet tile’s backside being cut by Danny who is part of one of our great contractor teams from UC Construction.

The tiles are then flipped over and each corner is taped with the manufacturer’s special SUPER adhesive (to the rescuuuuuee).

Isn’t it lovely?

Now, time to add more decorative elements in this design. The only furniture piece that my client (wonderful Elizabeth) wanted to keep was the leather sofa so I designed around it .. adding splashes of yellow sunshine with the pillows and large bowl.


There is more to this reveal so stay tuned to next week’s Wednesday’s Wink for more.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … {design peek 1of 3 | CARPET curves}

  1. Felicita Castro says:

    Hello Ada,

    I constantly look at your postings and appreciate your emails. I love your design ideas and I’m always forwarding your emails to others. Keep up the good work and happy designing. :>) Felicita

    • Ada says:

      What a lovely comment Felicita .. how great to hear that u love my design ideas (yaaay!) and that u share them with other (double yaaah!). Have a beautiful day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Let’s stay in touch!

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