Wednesday’s Wink … { Oh no! Pouf Fix }

Cry!!!!!!!! our pouf tore. I contacted the seller and she apologized (so sweet) and she even offered to replace it with a new fabric at no charge, but I looooove the blue mediterranean-like design so much that I went for plan B – time to sew!  So I unstuffed it (it looked like snow all over), then wrestled it to the sewing machine: 

Thank goodness the pouf had a zipper, so I was able to add the batting back in …. stuff stuff stuff … 

Then zip zip zip …

Almost done: 

Finished! All back to normal now: 

Do you have or like poufs? They make great ottomans (with cool style of course!!) and are the perfect fun extra seating.

Have a beautiful day!!!!

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9 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { Oh no! Pouf Fix }

  1. Janet says:

    That is a great idea to add a zipper. You saved your pouf and it has a great design on it.

    • Ada says:

      Yeah, thanks goodness it came with a zipper or else I don;t know how I woudl had been able to stuff it BACK with all it’s badding : O

  2. homestilo says:

    What a great fabric on that pouf. I’m also impressed by your sewing skills (as I brave a straight line for my upholstery class…)

    • Ada says:

      Glad u like the fabric too. I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine .. and I think it feels the same way about me 🙂

  3. I love the fabric on your pouf. I have to restuff mine. I made it almost a year ago and still love it, but it’s stretched out and needs more stuffing. Just one more project to work on.

    • Ada says:

      Don’tcha love that we can do a quick re-stuff and it’s brand new! 🙂 My procrastination took longer than my actual sewing 🙂 Sometimes we just have to DO IT .. go for it!

  4. Eek…disregard last comment. I accidentally inserted a comment from another blog. Oops…my bad 😉 Comment fixed here….

    Oh…I wish I knew how to sew…whenever something rips, tears, etc. I always am at a loss as to what to do.
    The pouff looks awesome though! Love the colour and pattern.
    Cheers, amy

    Ps. Happy International Women’s Day to you. To celebrate you and your fabulous blog, I tagged you in a blogger’s game of tag. If you’re interested in playing along – and no pressure – feel free to check out my post from today for details! xo

  5. michelle says:

    Great job! That certainly looks like you had quite a job to do there!

    • Ada says:

      The toughest part was just unstuffing and stuffing it back. Sewing was the easy part. If i had known how easy a fix it would had been i would noooot had procrastinated.

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