Styling a nursery room ECONOMICALLY with just a few items!

I was contacted to finish decorating a nursery that had already been furnished and painted blue, but was still felt incomplete.  It had artwork spread throughout the room, shelves filled with toys and books (all organized!), but my clients felt that it was still incomplete. And they were right. So my mission, add a few something somethings (economically) to make it feel warm, cozy, and so the blue walls don’t smack them in the face when they walk into the room. I’ve published some of these pics already, but decided to add several more (never seen before) pics and show more of the design process. Here’s the before photo: 

FIRST STEP: Fix what was currently “off”.
* the artwork looked too scattered, and un-cohesive
*furniture too close to the wall

SECOND STEP: Add items to balance the room + “tame” the blue walls
* added tree decal with monkeys (client – baby Jacob loves Curious George, so I added adorable monkeys) to give visual height to dark furniture and distract from the
* add clouds (same reason above, balance the top with the bottom)
* add soft FUN pillows (to the plain loveseat)
* add artwork that POP with color (tame the blue walls!)
* add 3D butterflies (visual POP of color!)

Below’s a highlight (more photos yaaay!) of all the items we added. One of my design tricks in saving money is buying a huge tree decal with monkeys and spreading the design throughout the room (NOT JUST IN ONE WALL). Tsst, other walls wanna party too! I had the tree branches extend to the ceiling, and adjacent walls, even placed some leaves on the radiator, light switch.  I also “trimmed” a branch from the tree decal and added it to the bookshelves – for a dab of ADORABLENESS!

The palm tree artpieces were scattered, so we aligned them for a sleek look. In a room that already has lots of toys scattered, it is MEGA IMPORTANT to have artwork feel more calm and not add more visual clutterness … hence the straight line mounting of the artwork .. plus .. the artwork mounted side to side ‘tell a story’. Do we want story telling in a nursery room. Heck yeaaaahh!

Ada Gonzalez_Nursery_monkey decal and shelves Ada Gonzalez_Nursery_monkey tree decal

Ada Gonzalez_Nursery_wall shelf

Ada Gonzalez_Nursery_o

The blue chair that my client has in the room seemed to disappear against the blue walls, so we added an oooh sooo cute pillow of a little boy holding a truck. Did you see how the yellow/blonde hair of the boy matched the yellow color of the LOVE art … yep, all ‘designed that way’ my friends!

To see the monkey-ing around decal installation mosey on over to -> here. And I recently posted some more pics of the butterfly installation here (with resources on where I go to order these 3D butterflies). I have to go flutter away now (tippy toe tippy toe, flap flap to create another design).

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17 Responses to Styling a nursery room ECONOMICALLY with just a few items!

  1. homestilo says:

    Ada there are so many sweet touches in this room. I especially like the loveseat pillows and little monkey details throughout.

  2. ada, it is so fun to see your work! your additions make a big difference. i love the love and apple pillows, and how you made the art a straight line. thanks for sharing!

    • Ada says:

      How sweet of u to say so Noreen … thanks!!! I get so focusedin the design intstallations (details! details! sooo many details!) that I tend to forget to take pictures some times 🙂

  3. The poster is so cute!! Makes a great addition to this room! And how fun are those decals? You’ve created a beautiful fun space!

  4. Nina says:

    Very cute! We all can use more love in our lives. All the monkeys are super cute too.

  5. Michelle says:

    Very sweet space. I just love the little leaves on the ends of the shelves. And I have always had a soft spot for monkeys.

    • Ada says:

      Me too Michelle. I hope tp travel to Costa Rica mainly to see all the monkeys!!! I may want to bring one back with me 🙂 ….. or still with Monkey decals (less loud!!).

  6. Theresa says:

    Sometimes all a room needs is that final touch to pull it all together. Good thing you were available because the room does look cozier and more pulled together. Another job well done.

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks Ada. Jacob loves his new nursery. You did a great job! He got really big since the last time you saw him. He’s walking all over the place. Thanks for sharing my nursery.

  8. Antonio says:

    What a difference the place looks great. The pillows and decals make it so warm.

  9. Deepika Sarin says:

    Hey Ada!
    Lovely nursery! I am planning to order the same decal for my baby’s nursery. I love monkies too!! I was wondering if these stickers worked out fine for you as I’ll be ordering it all the way from India. Also, did you customize the colors. If so. What colors did you pick for the leaves….

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful nursery pictures. Indeed inspiring….


    • Ada says:

      Hi Deepika, the quality was pretty good. I haven’t seen it in a while since I installed it for a client not for myself. And … GREAT PRICE! I selected a 2 tone green to give more visual depth. Have FUN installing it! Oh, and I would love to see photos of hwo it looks in your room. Hope you email me your fabulous installation!

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