Wednesday’s Wink … {book signing for “DECORATE”}

Have you purchased your Decorate” book yet? It’s a wonderful book full of unique designs – the authors are Holly Becky (many of you may know her from her fab blog site Decor8) and Joanna Copestick. It was great meeting Holly in person – she signed my copy of her book (yaaay!). Here is what she wrote in my book:

The book is currently sold out at Amazon so you gotta place your order to be in queue for the next shipment:

The NY event was held at the Anthropologie store in Manhattan. As soon as I walked in I was immediately greeted with smiles … wine and pastries (yum yum!!!… I should go to book signings more often!). Before the book signing, Holly treated us to a Mood Board presentation. Here’s a pic of a mood board in her book below (aren’t the colors soooo happy!):


Here’s a photo of the Mood Board she created at the NY event:

Here I am with Holly (have I told you she is SUPER sweet), and she has such a great message (my kind of philosphy) .. to decorate for YOURself, choose colors that YOU love and if someone else doesn’t like it then too bad for them …they aren’t living in your home – you are.


Ok, ready for a peek inside the book? I LOVE this design below, the colors are lovely, the eclectic style is wonderful, but what I especially love is that the cushions on the bench are longer than the bench – and THAT IS OK! It doesn’t have to be perfectly fit to feel perfectly comfortable <– ooh, that’s a good line, I have to remember to share that in my Facebook quotes.

I still haven’t finished reading (drooling through all the pages in) the book, but I did find my FAVORITE photo design – see pic below. I love the clean lines and the unique design of having a swing seat indoors. I am still trying to convince my hubby to add one in our home, we don’t have the space right now, but one day …. swing on!

As for my hubby’s favorite design, he LOVES this wood door design in this bathroom below. Isn’t it amazing! Though I rather have my swing seat than the wood door. Hmmm, or maybe he can get his door and I can get my swing (yaaay!).

I hope u enjoyed today’s post. And head over to Amazon  if you wanna get your copy of Decorate.

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