Wednesday’s Wink … { bathroom Christmas ideas }

Yesterday I was out of the office most of the day … design consultation in Manhattan, decor sourcing, etc fun etc! Then Monday I played hooky from work … hubby and I went ice skating at Rockefeller Center (fun + a great leg workout).  So, I am at office today caaaatching up. Do you spread Christmas decorating cheer throughout your home? Oooooor just your living room? Deck the halls of ALL the rooms in your home. Check out below where we placed ornaments:


Yes, in the bathroom! We simply placed single ornaments tied into the curtain rings. Now, go eye your toilet! Yep, I said ‘toilet’. You can decorate your toilet tank lid by adding xmas ornament or even pine-cones (picked from outside = $0.00 spent!!) – placing them on a tray.


With pinecones … you can DECORATE IT with colors that you love! I love the white tip look, so I dipped several cones into a quart of white paint:

Whatchathink of them?:

Of course you can choose whichever color YOU love and colors that go well with your current roomsssss decor.

Have a GREAT day!!!

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6 Responses to Wednesday’s Wink … { bathroom Christmas ideas }

  1. ada – jealous! skating at rockefeller center is worth caaatching up at work! glad you had the chance to go and enjoy. your pine cones are really cool, and something i would not think to do. happy friday!

  2. homestilo says:

    I’m a big fan of decorating simply with baubles for the holidays. But, I am loving the dipped pine cones idea. Feels very Scandinavian.

  3. Janet says:

    I would have never thought of decorating the bathroom with ornaments along the curtain rod. Very cool, I’m going to try this.

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