Elizabeth’s living room (Part 1)

Hi! Today’s post will bring you along to one of my interior design installations in Manhattan – for my cool client Elizabeth who lives in the upper east side of New York. Ready for a living room transformation? The design I created included adding a cool faux cowhide area rug. Actually, the rug design was made from several square carpet tiles that were shipped with hide-outlined markings. Whaaaaa? 


Yep! The manufacturer ships the tiles with an outline design + number on the back of the tiles so our contractor simply had to follow/cut the outline to shape this oooh la la curves in the carpet. Here’s a wider view of the carpet tile’s backside being cut by Danny who is part of one of our great contractor teams from UC Construction. The tiles are then flipped over and each corner is taped underneath with the manufacturer’s tape.

I first had a few tile samples shipped to my office so I can review the colors in person. Elizabeth approved the gorgeous serene gray for the living room. And I loooove how she also went for the design concept of adding a ‘faux grass’ (see green tile shown above) next to the patio door to hold her bicycle (yep, I even factored her bike in the design, wink!).

Have you used carpet tiles in your home?

While the contractors worked their magic with my placement guide, I accessorized/ styled the room. The only furniture piece that Elizabeth wanted to keep was the leather sofa so I designed around it .. adding splashes of yellow sunshine with the pillows and large bowl.


Isn’t it strange how my striped shirt matches the chevron pillow? .. total crazy coincidence! Hmmm or maybe the design inspired me to subconsciously dress ‘to match’. I still think it’s weird! There is more to this reveal, but I have 501 other things to do today. In the meantime, here’s the design layout that I created for Elizabeth so you can see all the furniture placement locations.


update: part 2 revealed here (showing how we gently squeezed an office area in the living room), part 3 revealed here (before + after pics).

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2 Responses to Elizabeth’s living room (Part 1)

  1. Felicita Castro says:

    Hello Ada,

    I constantly look at your postings and appreciate your emails. I love your design ideas and I’m always forwarding your emails to others. Keep up the good work and happy designing. :>) Felicita

    • Ada says:

      What a lovely comment Felicita .. how great to hear that u love my design ideas (yaaay!) and that u share them with other (double yaaah!). Have a beautiful day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Let’s stay in touch!

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