Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

Because I believe summer should be filled with lazy relaxing days, I love ideas (especially those food related) that are easy to do, so we can have more time for important stuff, like - well - lazy (chillaxing) time! I normally cut a watermelon in slices then place them in a bowl (for a grab all fest), but lately I have been making them portable; a grab-and-go out the door kind of treat with no napkin needed. Oh, and it takes just 3 MINUTES TO DO!

1. watermelon (duh!)
2. knife
3. coffee stirrer or wood popsicle-like sticks
(crafts store sell them for about $3.00 for a pack of 50)

3 minutes people!


1. cut @ 3/4″ slices of the watermelon (not including the rind/shell) … bec the rind is harder to cut (and I’m lazy!)

2. insert the wood sticks into the watermelon

3. show off your Watermelon on a Stick and enjoy

So easy to do. Seriously, it took me waaaay longer to write this post than to create watermelon on the go. You can too!


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2 Responses to Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

  1. antonio says:

    What a quick and easy way to serve, great idea

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