Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

Because I believe summer should be filled with lazy relaxing days, I love ideas (especially those food related) that are easy to do, so we can have more time for important stuff, like – well – lazy (chillaxing) time! I normally cut a watermelon in slices then place them in a bowl (for a grab all fest), but lately I have been making them portable; a grab-and-go out the door kind of treat with no napkin needed. Oh, and it takes just 3 MINUTES TO DO!

1. watermelon (duh!)
2. knife
3. coffee stirrer or wood popsicle-like sticks
(crafts store sell them for about $3.00 for a pack of 50)

3 minutes people!


1. cut @ 3/4″ slices of the watermelon (not including the rind/shell) … bec the rind is harder to cut (and I’m lazy!)

2. insert the wood sticks into the watermelon

3. show off your Watermelon on a Stick and enjoy

So easy to do. Seriously, it took me waaaay longer to write this post than to create watermelon on the go. You can too!


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4 Responses to Watermelon on a Stick in 3 Minutes

  1. antonio says:

    What a quick and easy way to serve, great idea

  2. I am probably the worst cook in this world but I am happy that there are certain things that I can do very easily 😀 Well Thanks, I am going to try this for sure. It doesn’t require a great deal of effort and just a little presentation skills. Glad I came across this innovative idea!
    (but what if the watermelon is juicy?)

    • Ada says:

      Hi Alexa! My kitchen smoke alarm YELLS at me often so I may be up there in the “not so great at cooking category” ; ) Great question – I discovered (so far from all the ones I have made) that when the watermelon is sliced the juices hang out on the rind (bottom) and the watermelon still has the delicious flavors without the juice attacking your eyeball (squirting when you bite) or getting your hands/floor messy. Have fun creating and munching!

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