Want to know .. what lead me to become an interior decorator?

Hi! I am dedicating today’s post to letting you know how my passion for interior decorating surfaced.

Prior to studying interior design as a career, I worked as a production project manager. I helped bring drawings to life from the engineering & art dept of a company that designed and manufactured promotional displays for high-end stores like Saks 5thAvenue & Henri Bendel.

After 6 years I realized that I liked my job, but didn’t love it! As much as I enjoyed viewing the results of my work (that is … viewing the displays that were once on paper now at the stores), I wasn’t happy. A better word is “fulfilled”. I started looking at newspaper job classifies and nothing stood out to me so I continued working feeling blaaah. I then started noticing myself get cranky at work (which is not my disposition) .. I remember even setting up a rule that ‘if I am at the office kitchenette area getting coffee, do not ask me any questions’. I didn’t like who I was turning into … miss cranky pants!

Then one day sitting on the train on my way home from work I asked myself a simple question that turned my life around (and which never dawned on me to ask before). The question … “What did I want to do that made me happy”? The answer came to me surprisingly quick. I remember going from feeling tired to exhilarated, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I realized that I had been searching for what was outside (what job positions were available ‘out there’) instead of inside of me (what ‘I’ joyfully wanted to do). It was my AHA moment! … my mind had finally connected with my heart and I became aware … that I wanted to bring my “own creative drawings” to life to help people in a more intimate environment - in their homes (instead of at stores!).

And looking back … it made sense … I was addicted to watching HGTV, loved arts & crafts since I was a child, loved seeing drawings come to life from my job, was a great project manager, and the only magazines I had at home were interior design magazines … well duh!!!

What did this gal do next? I decided to give myself the best birthday present ever .… my resignation from j.o.b.! I resigned to study full time at Sheffield School of Interior Design, freelanced, become the assistant to a wonderful high-end interior designer mentor, then took a leap (hop hop!) … and started my own company in 2006 providing affordable design solutions that help people feel and live great within their homes. Why affordable solutions? It’s me! I’ve always loved when I received compliments on how fashionable I looked …. but my purses, clothes, shoes, and jewelry weren’t expensive brand names but they looked expensive. That is the essence that I bring when I create interior designs for my clients … designs that look and feel great without costing a lot of money.  

That’s the ’short’ version of my story! Hmmm, maybe it wasn’t short after all. I hope I inspire you to follow your heart and live in a home that represents the star that you are! I did and am loving life, and you can too! Oh that reminds me … have you heard about the book called “Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women? I am a contributing author … along with 40 women sharing their inspirational stories. My story chapter is ‘The Yes I Can’ on page 228. If you haven’t seen photos of my office yet, take a peek at them here. Thank YOU so much for stopping by, I hope you stay and check out my blog posts for some decoration inspiration. Have a beautiful day!

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One Response to Want to know .. what lead me to become an interior decorator?

  1. Vicky says:

    Wow Ada…what an inspiration. If only, everyone took the time out their day to figure out what made them happy…maybe everyday would be a little happier :)

    thanks for the constant inspiration!

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