Gray Dress | 5 Handmade Valentine Gift Ideas

I’ve teamed up with the very talented photographer - Irene Espinosa, to bring to you more fashion and interior / craft designs with a twist (keep checking in to see the twists we have up our sleeves). In the meantime, today’s post reveals my how-did-i-fit-into-it Calvin Klein dress, 5 Valentine’s Day handmade gift ideas, and a peek at the next giveaway (psssst: it’s the pink floral brooch in the photo below).



For the handmade gift ideas instructions click on corresponding links -> (1) Giant Heart art (see material list above), (2) Chocolate Candy Words, and the (3) Perfect Match, (4) Fit Perfectly, and (5) You Light Up My Life - are here. Giveaway details will be posted this week.

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One Response to Gray Dress | 5 Handmade Valentine Gift Ideas

  1. Antonio says:

    I love the dress. Very beautiful.

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