the MUSTACHE universal knife block in our kitchen


Since hubby is the chef king of our kitchen I added a mustache to our knife set holder as a reminder to me to stay away from the ouchie knives that don’t cooperate when I try to use them to cut veggies. You would think the knives would be nicer to me esp since I got them their cozy home (the knife holder block!). The cutlery/knife block is AMAZING bec it doesn’t have standard “slots” to place the knives in. It’s universal. It has flexible black fiber strands (similar to skewers) so u can insert knives into ANY area on top and SQUOOSH as many knives as possible. Cool huh. Oooooh and I purchased it for just $29.99 from here. I’ll be sharing more of our kitchen transformation pics soon (I just have to find them and tie myself to the computer with a jug of coffee to upload them for you). Remember the hideous (eek eek) kitchen floor that we used to have? -> here.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend and here are 3 DIY ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS to make your very own universal knife block for your home:

1. You can use spaghetti pasta, like Brianna did here.

2. You can cut and use bamboo skewers like seen here. <- for this one, I suggest that the FLAT end is the top of the block so you don’t prick yourself (as I probably would) when placing the knives in.

3. You can go awesomely unique and use these beans instead of skewers.

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