Interviewed by UGallery (plus tips on decorating w/art)

I had FUN being interviewed by Eva Recinos @ Ugallery! Her questions made me reflect on the past and reveal a fun quirky fact about myself (hint: a fear I have). Dontcha love how accessible articles are nowadays? Little did I know 10 years ago that I could read an article featuring me via my phone . . .

.. or tablet. Check out all my (quirky-ish) answers including advice on decorating a home with art at Ugallery’s Eye on Interior Design series here.

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5 Responses to Interviewed by UGallery (plus tips on decorating w/art)

  1. Antonio says:

    What a great interview.

  2. Loved learning more about the artist! So if you love flying and are afraid of roller coasters… how do you feel about skydiving and bungee jumping? Just more food for thought while you’re on the chaise lounge =P

    • Ada says:

      Hi Rebekah … I actually do enjoy bungee jumping and would LOVE to go skydiving. The roller coaster issue may be the “creaking” of the coaster as it goes up up up up eeeek … the anticipation gets me anxious, I rather sit it out and stuff my face with cotton candy ; )

  3. homestilo says:

    How exciting Ada! Will have to go read that article now- congratulations!

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