Tasty Tuesday … { Aruban restaurant ‘Soenchis’ }

How’s your day going? There is so much creativity and beauty around us. Today being Sept 11, there a tornado like rush of sad memories from 2001 (tornado like bec it tends to hit and move on leaving remnants and pain of loss). As the day unfolds I hold on to the creativity, beauty and love I see around me today … it’s everywhere when we open our eyes with out hearts … EVEN IN FOOD! Delicious food is like a warm heart-felt hug, isn’t it?

Today’s post are a few yum pics from our last day in Aruba. We had dinner at OMG DELICIOUSSS … also known as Soenchis . If I could had bagged extra dishes and placed them in my luggage I would had! The food was soooo good.  Hubby and I always order different dishes so we can have different taste ‘tests’, many times switches plates half way so we can BOTH enjoy the cuisines (we confuse many waiters!!!).  These photos are a bit blurry/pixel since it was late at night and bec ….. DID I MENTION HOW DELICIOUS IT WAS …. I was too busy eating to take good photos .. haha.

We found this restaurant on the last day … or else we would had gone back to taste EVERY dish on their menu.  For desert I had their ice-sculptured tear fruit sorbet. Isn’t it beeeeaaautiful? 

Wishing you a peaceful day. Treat yourself to something deliciooooously tasty today !!!! I’m eyeing a cheesecake! How’s about you?

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design ) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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6 Responses to Tasty Tuesday … { Aruban restaurant ‘Soenchis’ }

  1. rooth says:

    Okay that is definitely the most glam dessert I’ve ever seen! I’d order it just to take pictures, nevermind eating it.

    And yes, I’m a Hoops & Yoyo fan - I’m glad someone recognized them :)

  2. Myra says:

    The ice-sculptured tear fruit sorbet is beautiful, would make a lovely decorative art piece (if it didn’t melt) lol.. I would be afraid of eating it, because it’s so pretty.

  3. Christine says:

    I need to go to Soenchi’s and try it out.


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