Tasty Tuesday | Pitaya fruit Hawaiian obsession

In Hawaii, we ate at Cafe Pesto. Economical and soooo delicious; don’t believe me, here are the photo proofs … above = my delicious mean, below = hubby’s choice …

It’s in Hilo Bay area - which we stumbled upon (on purpose) from our helicopter ride to the volcanoes + waterfall (pics to follow). In Hilo bay is an AMAZING farmers market where we picked up some pitaya fruits (I’m obsessed on how DELICIOUS / FRESH it tastes) to eat at home (errr, “home” being the house we rented while at The Big Island (pics of the house to follow as well … promise).

Here’s a semi-peek at the house’s kitchen area …..

I totally became addicted to having pitaya fruit for breakfast (yummy mix with bacon):

I will be sharing pics from Hawaii starting this weekend (unless I am too stuffed from all the BBQ that I plan on having). Tomorrow I will featuring a bedroom design I created for a client who loooves riding horses = yep that means I HAD TO INCORPORATE a cowgirl hat in the design (we even added a lasso as wall art in her living room).


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