Tasty Tuesday … { Organic Chocolate Cake }


It has BEGUN (again?) - it’s health-ier choice eating time again. I’m been clubbing (paaarrteee) at the organic store lately getting my ingredients for green juice (kale, celery, ginger, etc) and look what I happened to stumble by  . . .


So into my shopping cart basket it went - ORGANIC chocolate cake mix (with no trans fat) and ORGANIC chocolate icing mix. I was on a mission to get my bake-on! .. to surprise hubby with (1) that fact that I even attempted to bake and (2) the fact that it’s all organic ingredients. Hubby discovered my plot (darn!!!), but I still managed to surprise him on how DELICIOUS it tasted (and I didn’t even have to tackle him to try the cake). The best part for me was that mixing the ingredients (all by hand) took less than 4 minutes, and baking time took 30 minutes! … that’s my kind of baking!!!! Simple, quick, and mega-delicious. The cake turned out so deliciously moist:

(Yikes, I just realized that the powdered sugar I sprinkled on top isn’t organic (we’ll keep that secret among us, ok?!) Here is my lady-like bite size taste . . .


Who am I kidding?? It was soooo good that I tossed out the fork and went all cave-woman like . . .

One thing I changed in the cake ingredients (besides our secret, the powdered sugar) is that instead of using water, I added organic milk - It’s a trick mom taught me to make cakes more moist (learned when I pretended to help bake; I was really her “certified taster” …  whether she wanted me to be or not .. hehehe). I confess, I was a bit reserved the first time I walked into an organic store/market (like can I really go all healthy), and it was this little fellow below that reminded me that it was A-OK …..

This mint chocolate bar is sooooooooooooooo good. They have regular dark chocolate bars as well. The toughest part is NOT having more than 1 a day. The fact that I can still go organic and have chocolate bars and cake …. now that is MY KIND of dessert treats. Do you eat organic treats? This month I’ll share my green juice mix (which taste more delish with …  ’whip cream’ (hehehe). Have a beautiful day!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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