Tasty Tuesdays {Green Juice w/my yum ingredient}



I jump started eating healthier-ish (emphasize on the ‘ish’) this new year starting with almost-daily green juice shakes which are super-EASY to make and gives me lots of energy. So much that I have actually managed to ….. wait for it …. ooh the suspense …. detox from morning caffeinated coffee IV. Say what? Yep, my friends, I am no longer chained to the MUST HAVE COFFEE fix. Seriously, it was like I had to have an iv of it to manage = not to look like a zombie. How I did it? I contribute it to (1) the will of wanting to change to a healthier habit (and not crash in the pm) and (2) I started drinking organic de-caf which I used to think, “why on earth-was-decaf-ever-invented-since-the-purpose-of-coffee-was-for-the-CAFFEINE (to casually start switching my habit), and (3) substituted green juice for my afternoon pick-me-up drink.  I have heard that it takes 30 to 90 days for the mind to register a new habit, so I casually started last month. Now instead of 3 cups of caffeinated coffee (I used to even drink 5!!!), I drink caf-coffee about 2 times a WEEK! Woot woot! So, what do I add in my green juice? 

I add cucumber + celery (which I would NEVER eat by itself, since it just tastes bland + eww to me) …. I add ginger …. and the BIG HEALTHY powerhouse veg = kale! …. theeeen, to make it taste sweet (no, NO SUGAR cheater-pants!!) I add 1 banana (or kiwis or apples = for sweeter yumminess) :

Then, may I introduce you to my rockstar kitchen assistant …. say helloooo to …. Magic Bullet (u can get yours here)! Who helps me blend away (plus, its an easy clean up = a must in my busy schedule!)

So, doesn’t this spoonful look goooooood?

Ok, maybe not (kinda looks like a science experiment - gone wrong, huh!)

The taste does take a little getting used to (since it’s not chocolate bars or ice-cream scoops and I have detoxed my bod from caffeine which still leaves my body yelling … “can I get ANY treats?”). Well, my PROBLEM SOLVING skills kicks in and says “YES, you can get a treat!” …. and here it is .. “every THING taste better with whip cream” ….. my YUM ingredient!

Yuuuum. Remember, I said I was eating heathier-ish!

Cheers to a healthier and fun new year!!! So, do you drink green-juices? What do you add in your mix? And isn’t the Magic Bullet AMAZING!!!

I’m heading out of the office soon for a design consultation in Manhattan (Battery Park City) for a client who is looking to redesign her fam’s living room + dining room (I’m so excited to see their apartment, which they recently moved into). Oh, and I will try my best to post more pics of the living room design installation for my client Bill on tomorrow’s Wednesday’s Wink column (here’s last weeks peek in case u missed it).

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays {Green Juice w/my yum ingredient}

  1. noreen says:

    hello ada, i pay $6.50 for a drink almost like that from whole foods! i’ll check out that little blender. i notice that i feel great when i drink it - kale, spinach, strawberry, pineapple, and a little apple juice. but it’s an expensive habit! good for you!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Noreen, yep def good for you. when it’s for my health I try not to put a price tag on it ; ) Now, a facial or pedicure I do consider an ‘expensive’ habit for me hahaha.

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