Tasty Tuesday . . . { caramel apples | yum? }

When I spotted this Caramel Apple Kit at the market i HAD TO buy it, for hey it’s looked easy to make, delicious, and fun. It came with the sticks + mix, we had to just add milk and sugar then …. stir …. stir … (waiting for the caramel to thicken) … stir impatiently (note: staring at the pot does NOT make it go faster). The fun part was stabbing inserting the sticks into the apples, while hub and I elbowed each other took turns stiiiiring the mix:


Dip …. swirl … laugh …. start all over.


So, was it delicious? 

NOPE! It came out pretty darn groooss (maybe I mixed it wrong? or should had simply melted caramels candies instead of the powder mix), but we had LOOOOTS of fun making these treats. The “treat’ was the quality time hubby and I spend together laughing.  This Tasty Tuesday post is about the DELICIOUS FUN we had venturing into making these caramel apples, the clean up was quick so dive into the kitchen to make a FUN mess (hopefully yours will taste better, and if not, so what … bet you will still have FUN). Needless to say, we will NOT be making these for Thanksgiving. Our office will closed this Wed, Thurs, Fri, which simply means that I am procrastinating getting everything I need for the Turkey Day until Wed (no pressure …. aaaaarrrhh).  Are you cooking this Thanksgiving Day? Which dishes if Any do you prep before Gobble Gobble Day? Have you made caramel apples before?

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