Tasty Tuesdays { Brunch time! brulee french toast }


This is NO ORDINARY french toast … but yum’d up with raisins and creme brulee! Nope, I didn’t make any of these dishes; we simply ATE THEM (Y.U.M.)! …..

… This weekend hub and I met up with pals in Manhattan for brunch at a restaurant that we hadn’t visited before - Thalia (with French-American cuisine that had me salivating when I noticed that their menu included creme brulee french toast!!!!) This was hubby’s dish … a frittata ….also stamped with our Y.U.M. of approval!

(yes, he patiently waited until I took the photo … isn’t he the sweetest? accommodating his food paparazzi wifey!!!). Do you have any fave restaurants in NY? or in your town? Link it up / share it in the comment section below. Our Saturday game plan was to have brunch and aim to catch an off-Broadway play for the amazing limited price of $20! What, only $20?

Yep,  with the 20at20 event (fyi: it ends next week), we simply show up 20 minutes before the show starts (about 7 rows of seats are reserved for the first in line crowd) and we can buy them for JUST $20!!!! woohoooo!. So …. good news = we got tickets! The bad news …. we got tickets = play was truly awful, leaving me and my buds and clearly the rest of the audience confused and disappointed with the plot and performance…. the whole story-line was very weird (not in a cool crazy fun weird, but in the WHAT THE HECK annoyingly weird). I don’t like writing negative reviews, so if you are in NY and planning on seeing a play send me a private message and I will let you know which play I am referring to (so you can avoid it!).

I have a floorplan design to work on today for a new project (a living room / dining room design, including a foyer) …. follow-ups on some furniture items I ordered for a client, …. prepping tomorrow’s Wednesday’s Wink post (psssst .. hint hint hint = bedroom design with GORGEOUS BLUE WALL COLOR = I used pictures from Greece as inspiration) ….. and, the eeeew side of my business = doing admin stuff (which booooooores me zzzzzzz, but it MUST BE DOOONE <- capped in emphasize like a superhero voice-tone going to a dramatic rescue).  Hope your Tuesday is a tasty one, enjoy!

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