Tasty Tuesday … { want Zombie Brain Juice? }


Look what we found! Of course WE HAD TO BUY some … thus far I tasted the Zombie Brain Juice and it wasn’t too bad tasting. Want some Zombie Brain Juice? Muwahahahaha! Check out the other GROSS “flavors” they had.

Bug Barf
 flavor …. labels are eeewww-fun too:


Monster Mucus flavor! Ok, isn’t the label name simply GROSS (and oooh sooo coool!) …


Kitty Piddle flavor. Ewwww ….

Which is your favorite Monster soda flavor?

With hurricane Sandy among us, hubby picked most of the flowers we had in our garden on Sunday (isn’t he soooo sweet!). I love recycling bottles/jars as vases (see pic below)! Yesterday, we lost electricity for 45 minutes (not too bad!!), so I ended up cooking w/a flashlight in the kitchen. I must say it felt very relaxing … I couldn’t use the computer (so I was totally unplugged), my phone wasn’t working (so no more chit chatting). I simply relaxed, cooked and I read Life of Pi. Of course, I had the fire-extinguisher near by (ummm, I am not the BEST cook, so taking pre-caution hahaha). I did get startled by a crash on my window …. a large branch fell from the trees outside (blocking a passage outside) but thankfully the window was NOT damaged (yaay and phew!). Today I still have my office closed and the installation for tomorrow has been cancelled. I may catch up communicating w/my blog peeps, watch a little of Million Dollar Decorators, and if electricity goes out again I have my plan  … reading .


Oooh, I almost forgot to share  - we purchased the monster sodas at Stew Leonards … qty 2 for $1.00. Cool price huh! Did you see the pumpkins I created? Ok, I’m heading to have Bug Barf now … eeeeww! Have a safe beautiful day full of gratitude!

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesday … { want Zombie Brain Juice? }

  1. Michelle says:

    Haha kitty piddle is amazing! Love the name of that the most.

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