Tasty Tues | Heart Shaped French Toast

Isn’t food even more DELICIOUS when it is prepared with love? Not simply the “i have to cook”, but the “I want/desire to cook”.

This year I am aiming to add a more loving touch to usual foods (taking the time to ENJOY the cooking/baking process). Like, having fun making heart shaped French toasts (YUM!). The cutter cost was about $5.00 (for a set of 4 different sizes) grabbed at Michael’s craft store.

My French toast recipe is simple … bread, eggs, milk, and cinnamon (and covered in a blanket of Canadian syrup <-um, yeah I am working on reducing that CRAZY intake of sugar).

The best part of when I do decide to cook without thinking of work is that it is relaxing, and creative, and brings joy to the recipients (including my tummy!). Cooking for others is truly a GIFT you give; now the question is whether you wrapped up that gift too quickly (making the wrapping paper look all disheveled as well as yourself), or did you HONOR that time with love.

I do confess cooking/baking is not always an easy process for me (my smoke alarm YELLS at me allllll the time), and it’s not that I don’t know how to cook, it’s the attentiveness I need to give to it. Working from home still leaves me (many times) still in work-mode-brain-activity (yep, I even bring my laptop into the kitchen, sourcing furniture items, catching up on reading my emails, etc. eek etc.). So, since I do want to enjoy the process of cooking more (without the SMOKE alarm yelling at me again), I am declaring that I will not multi-task work while cooking (who’s with me?). So cooking now becomes not just a gift we give to others, but also to ourselves! Have a loving tasty Tuesday! | I’m also at Bloglovin

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6 Responses to Tasty Tues | Heart Shaped French Toast

  1. It’s been YEARS since I made French toast!! And I couldn’t think of anything better than heart-shaped French toast. You have given me a great idea for my Saturday brekkie!

  2. noreen says:

    now i’m craving french toast and we are out of eggs. ah well, tomorrow! i’m with you about no multi-tasking while cooking. don’t you hate burned food?

  3. Hannah says:

    Yummm these look delicious but even more than that they are adorable!

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