Tasty Tuesdays … { spotted at farmer’s market}

Happy Tuesday! I was happy to see that the farmer’s market in my town was still open this weekend. I am a bit obsessed with their garlic pickles (plus they suck me in with freebie samples yum yum). As I was munching away the freebie pickle samples, I spotted these HUGE white stems attached to …. what is that? … yep garlic:


Light bulb -> Oooh, so that’s how they grow! Underground and not in plastic containers already peeled for me. Of course I had to buy some and take 1,001 photos of them (to practice my photography skills):

Hmm, I do cook practically EVERYTHING using garlic so maybe I should learn how to harvest my own garlic ‘farm’. Oooor better yet … simply visit the farmer’s market more often!

One of the sellers (aka: farmers???) had us try some mushrooms (see photo below). Again, I am a sucker for freebie food, so ooooof course I just HAD to try it. I already forgot the name of this ‘unique’ looking mushroom (if you know the name, please let me know). Doesn’t it look like something you would find in the ocean? (Coral??) It had a bit of a bitter after-taste, but the adventurer that I am … I still purchased some … chicken w/mushrooms (and garlic) for dinner soon.

Do you visit farmers markets? What do you normally buy? I hope you stay tuned to this Wednesday’s Wink featuring another peek at one of my design installations (hint:  custom window treatments). I’m off now to put my rain boots on and start my work day, have a beautiful day! Drop me a line to say hello.

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment scroll down.

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … { spotted at farmer’s market}

  1. Ada, I’m with you and local markets…they’re full of interesting surprises! If you like Maitake mushrooms aka ‘hen of the woods’ then consider grilling - http://www.theculinarychase.com/2012/08/grilled-maitake-mushrooms.html

    Simple and tasty!

  2. noreen says:

    hi ada, your photography skills are great! we do go to the farmers’ market all through the summer - for everything. i even like beets. i haven’t tried lately, but think they must be closed. that mushroom looks interesting! how was it in the recipe?

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