Tiny space turned into a FUN living room (karaoke anyone?)

For my client Shumon the main priority was creating a design that included his tv projector and it’s screen as well as a space for his karaoke machine - all in a tiny space. Seriously, tiny! I’m happy to report that the mission was accomplished (phew!). And we took it up a notch, we turned the tiny space into a living room area, with a dining area, and an office area - all with a huge splash of sophistication! Check out the BEFORE photos, me on a ladder (again!), and the mega huge butterfly wall decal (about 4 feet tall x 7 feet wide) . . .. you gotta see it . . .

LIVING ROOM / media room 

We placed the projector on the same wall as the sofa (mounted to the ceiling), then across the sofa we installed the screen for the projector. We needed “slim” artwork to fit behind the projector screen. So, wall decal to the rescuuuueee!  My beautiful assistant Albina and I had a fun time installing the MEGA-HUGE butterfly wall decal. (Thanks Albina!!) It was a work-out and definitely a 2 person install process or else it would had turned into an I Love Lucy moment (remember when Lucy and Ethel attempted to hang wallpaper). Here are more photos.

Adas Interior Design - butterfly large decal branch Adas Interior Design - large butterfly wall decal in modern living room design

Contractor Virgil + team did a GREAT job assembling the furniture, painting, furniture placement, hanging light fixture, and moving all the


Shumon looooves music, so we added an economical unique decal (guitars!!!) in his hallway. The decal design is actually two guitar halves joined together. But, I split the decals in the middle + placed each separately within the wall molding:

Adas Interior Design - Guitar wall decal
large guitar wall decal Adas Interior Design - on hallway entryway

To the right of the sofa (when sitting ) we placed the KARAOKE FUN machine camouflaged by a contemporary office desk. Then, adjacent to the office area we placed the dining area . . . .


Adas Interior Design - Dining room with oval wall decals

The dining area leads to the kitchen …. where we added a quote from one of Shumon’s favorite movie “Braveheart”:
slate vinyl floor tile_Adas interior Design Inc Pssst, the kitchen’s slate floor (see gray floor above) are actually vinyl tiles placed on top of the original “eeew” tiles. Vinyl tiles are a super economical way to transform the floor!

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