Did you know? You can RENT walls for your home!

If you want an extra room in your home (temporarily) you can get a pressurized wall (with doors if you want) installed. Pretty awesome huh?! My clients Rahul and Melanie had a 1 bedroom apartment and potential plans to move back to California but they wanted an extra room for: (1) when their parents visited, (2) to practice yoga, and to fit a (3) bassinet (yep, they were expecting a baby). Yaaaay and holey cow, how am I going to fit all that in! Today’s post walks you through the installation steps (and the short hair that I was styling back then). First I created the DESIGN LAYOUTS. 

The kitchen had 2 entries/exists, so we closed one up (thanks to temporary walls to the rescuuuuuue) and the space that would normally be a dining area we made into the extra bedroom with french doors (all temporary awesomeness!).

The walls (sheetrock / drywall) are installed with a pressurized system attached from floor to system so NO nails on your floors, walls, or ceiling. You can EVEN hang frames/mirrors (under 30 lbs) to the temp wall. Cool, right! Some pictures are blurry bec they are snapshots from video (we took more vids back then than photos!). All floors projected (for installation and painting) …..

Closeup of the pressurized metal frame . . .


Plastering for sheetrock smoothness ….

We ordered 2 French doors with clear lite panes so I kinda freaked out when I noticed that all the glass panes were white. Then I realized that it was just the protected liner (duh!). Beautiful clear glass panes (panels) were underneath. Phew. Um. yeah, err, there was no panicking; tsst, I was totally cool like a cucumber! Looking back now I realize that as my short hair grew out I learned to be more relaxed - there is always a solution, wink. Peel paper, all good.

These temporary walls (room dividers) are perfect solution for peeps that want an extra room for guests … a roommate … an office … a nursery … storage space …  yoga / meditation space … etc. Once you are about to move, or kid grows up, etc you simply contact the company to de-install the walls and your security deposit it given back. The company we hired in New York is:

Dr.Wall (cool name huh!). Lately I have seen a mixed review of testimonials (some love, some despise), but with us they were very professional. Especially putting up with our video/photo shoots as they worked. It was a crew of just 2 fellas and they worked quick and professionally. As with any contractor be very specific/detailed in what you want!

base / crown molding are added for a finished (matching adjacent wall(s) look) . . . 

And yep, the walls get painted by them . . . 

Below’s a peek at the wall divider all installed (furniture is a mess since we hadn’t styled the room yet) . . . .

Now, back to the inside of the “room”. We needed a solid wall to add a murphy bed (yep, we went there!!! Murph’d it up beautifully!). Below are before and after pictures including me at the murphy bed showroom in Manhattan for a test drive . . . . (warning: blurry photos makes me look like an alien). 

. . . but stay tuned - I will show ya’ll how I decorated the inside of this room in the next post (bed, dresser, TV wall mounted, etc etc etc.) Another important not … look how crazy short my hair is!!! Ahhh. Actually, I have been thinking about cutting it short again but even SHORTER than in these photos. Hmmm, maybe. Maybe not. Maybe so. Maybe.

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  1. Antonio says:

    What a great concept, didn’t even know that temp walls were an option

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