Tasty Tuesdays … { my Quick yummy Breakfast }

Happy Tuesday!!! My quick breakfast treat …

… slap an egg (sunny side up) on the frying pan (I like adding a pinch of salt + pepper). As that is cooking, cut a bread slice and smear olive oil, then pick some cilantro and basil + (THE MAGIC TOUCH) … roasted red peppers = YUM in my TUM!

Ok, stop licking the monitor! Gross! Go make your own! I won’t be posting tomorrow, office will be closed in celebration of Independence Day - 4th of July  … so I can get ready to check out some fireworks! And remember, YOU are a sparkle … let your beauty, uniqueness, and talent shine! Shine on!

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design ) Every comment is read, appreciated, and loved. To leave a comment please scroll down!

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5 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … { my Quick yummy Breakfast }

  1. noreen says:

    hi ada, looks delicious. i have fresh basil growing, but no red pepper at the moment. hmm. time for breakfast!

    • Ada says:

      Fresh basil …….yum in taste and I love their aroma. Our planted ones have grown so HUGE …more than I can place in salads so im adding them to almost every meal.

  2. Ada, can I have breakfast at your place? ;) That looks so good!

  3. Nina says:

    It looks delicious! My breakfast at home usually consists of a cup of tea, I can’t eat anything before arriving at the office…

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