Tasty Tuesdays … { my Yogoberry obession!! }



Woooohoo welcome to my new blog column!! Do you like the name ‘Tasty Tuesdays’? I am turning into a foodie obsessionist (hmm, is that a word?). I’ve been seeing dishes in a different light (art-form like) and have been drooling over several recipes + food photos on blogs so I decided to create a column to showcase some foody finds (foody finds??… hey, that could had been another title for this column!!). My vision for this new column is to show great color balance in food, display beautiful photos from my finds and other peoples, showcase some recipes here and there, and to inspire you to continue to live great within your home and your ‘self’. Below is a photo of the yummy yogurt I had at one of my fav places (yes, I added tons of chocolate chips!):


The restaurant is called YogoBerry where customers get to serve themselves (hence the tons of chocolate chips I added to my cup below .. actually I had more chip before this photo but I couldn’t resist eating before I took out my camera .. sorry). Customers pick the container size then dive into the yogurt of our choice and aaaaalll the toppings we want.


Here’s a few of the topping. I dove into the coconut and strawberry toppings, I’m not a fan of gummy bears in my yogurt (eeew for me, yum for others).

For me it’s not just about delicious creative foods but also the presentation (even dishes need a great balance of color and style taste to wow me). So how have I been torturing my hubby and friends lately???… by diving into my purse and taking photos of delicious looking treats … even asking them to freeze so I can take pics of their dishes before they ruin it eat and enjoy. They are starting to get used to it so when I take out my camera they know it’s not a photo of them haha! They already know that I believe they are all glamorous, it’s time for the spotlight to go on the tasty presentations so I can share my finds with you. Sometimes we eat so quickly that we don’t get to savor the taste of our meals, or see the beauty before us .. beauty being the dish in front of us or simply the fact that we treated ourselves to a mini break to enjoy a delicious treat.

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8 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … { my Yogoberry obession!! }

  1. nick says:

    woah. that cherry looks delicious. now i want some fro-yo!

  2. Julie Jamison says:

    What a great new addition to your blog! Luv the title as well

  3. Jane says:

    I absolutely love fro-yo! I’m a huge fan, I actually prefer it to ice-cream. :) These pictures make me crave some right now!

  4. Antonio says:

    I love the title “Tasty Tuesday”. Now I’m hungry : )

  5. Kelly says:

    I am obsessed with natural froyo. We’ve taken to making it in my house - you just strain yogurt overnight, throw it in the ice cream maker and then attempt to not eat the entire thing by yourself.

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