Tasty Tuesdays {Ezekiel bread deliciousness}



In my “eating healthier’ fix, I am aiming to incorporate more whole grain bread like Ezekiel bread. Have you ever tried it? I found it in the frozen section of whole foods/organic market? Of course I had to PIMP IT UP by adding avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese (hey, no judging …. it’s LOW FAT sour cream!), and yummy leaves (spring mix).

It does take me longer than prepping a ham + cheese sandwich (hmmm, or maybe it just feels like it does take longer bec I crave the 3″ thick ham + cheese double-decker sandwich plastered with MAYO on both sides!! OMG, I am getting hungrier writing about it.

Ok, I muuuuust resists. Actually I have my body (PAIN from my first kickboxing class this morning / this year) reminding me to stay in check (stay eating healthier). People, I am 40 lbs heavier than I want to be - seriously! U may not see it in my photos, but if you interview my clothes they tell you it’s the truth .. I have gained a lot last year. Do you have any healthy-ish sandwiches that you recommend? Though I do love salads, it’s 18 degrees in New York (brrr) so I crave warm (toasted bread warmth) for my sandwiches. What’s your fave go-to-treat for lunch? Tomorrow’s Wednesday’s Wink I am going to feature another one of my projects - not sure which one yet since I am in the midst of electrical work being done in my kitchen. Our ceiling light fixture sparked over the weekend = practically going up in flames (yikes!). When hub took the fixture out we saw how corroded the wires were .. according to the electrician, it looks like the wires weren’t replaced since the building was constructed = 1950s (yikes!) More on that process on another day (pssst, I’ve been taking pics = stalking the electrician to show u photos). Stay tuned! Back to my stalking now.

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2 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays {Ezekiel bread deliciousness}

  1. noreen says:

    hello ada, i’m not big on frozen bread, but love the ezekiel cereal. also, instead of a sandwich, how about a frozen burrito from the healthy section, with salsa on top? i also like the engine 2 crackers for a snack.

    hey - i’m waiting for that magic bullet. can’t wait to make healthy drinks. joy to you! n

    • Ada says:

      Oooh, Noreen I def have to try the ezekiel cereal! Sooo glad that u got the magic bullet - I still chop up w/knife celery, apples (to take out the seeds), etc before I place the large pcs into the magic bullet .. .. so it can work ITS MAGIC!!! U just reminded me = I haven’t had my energy drink today (yikes, will make it!!).

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