Making pita bread ‘arugula pizza’ (in less than 10 mins)

Many of you may not know but the chef in my family is my hubby!! He loves cooking (+ I love eating = happy couple!). But I do like creating QUICK dishes .. like our mini pizzas (without any tomato sauce), but with other yumminess, and the best part - it can be made in 10 minutes (that’s my kind of cooking!). Ready for the how? Start the clock (heat oven at about 275!!) ….. get fig or apricot spread: 

… spear the fig/apricot spread onto the pita bread, then grab aluminum foil and place a sheet onto the pan, place pita bread on foil then slip into the oven for 3 minutes ….

… and while that is baking away go …  chop chop chop cheese (I like using brie). By the time u chop the cheese the pita bread should be nicely (lightly) toasted. Do you like my twig cheese cutter (aka: my butter knife)?

Now, remove the toasted pita bread and add the cheese (yuummm), then back to the oven it goes for no more than about 3 minutes … enough time to slightly melt the cheese (SLIGHTLY … don’t go overboard so you can taste the texture of the yummy cheese):

Now in those 3 minutes of oven time, go prep the arugulaaaa (I loooove arugula, I also love saying the word ARUGULAAAA .. it’s a fun word to me). Oh, sorry, I forget we have stuff in the oven, so where was I ….

.. get a bowl, add arugula + dash of salt + dash of ground pepper + (the secret weapon) lime juice (feel free to use FRESH limes) … mix all (feel free to do a mixing dance at this time!!!): 

Take out the pita bread from the oven, add the arugula mix then, cut the bread (like you would cut a pizza pie!), then  ….

… BITE on: 

Yuuuum! Want some?

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design) (Blog Parties: Skip to My Lou, Making the World Cuter)

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10 Responses to Making pita bread ‘arugula pizza’ (in less than 10 mins)

  1. Rose says:

    Yumm! This looks so tasty!

  2. amy b.s. says:

    this sounds delicious! and nothing is better than a delicious and quick meal!

  3. Theresa says:

    Ada, this looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing the how-to with us. I’m reading this post in the late afternoon and I just got really hungry! :)

  4. Anastasia says:

    this looks SO good and easy too! might try it out on Friday which is my ‘mad rush’ day…kids, sports etc


  5. Yum and so easy!! Thanks for sharing this Ada!

    • Ada says:

      So glad u like my quick pita pizza steps - I spotted it on TV a while again and since them have been addicted to the ‘easy’ steps + yummmminess!

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