Tasty Tuesdays … { egg yumminess }

Woohoo it’s Tuesday … which to me is my indirect reminder to EAT HEALTHY(er-ish) .. emphasis on the er-sih (hey, I’m not a saint, this decorator NEEDS her ice-cream). Just like a well designed room embraces a balance of color, our tummies should also embrace a balance of healthy yumminess = veggies rock! Even my leftovers (like the rice pic above) get’s a sprinkle/dash/RAINFALL lately of fresh veggies + fruit.

I’m loving my latest ‘quick meal’ creation, see below:


Here’s a wider photo of it below … it’s simply one toasted bread with one sunny side up egg slapped on it (seriously, there is no finesse in the placement of it, I slap it on the bread grateful that it doesn’t fall on the floor)’ in between I add arugula + (cilantro if I feel wiiiild that day) + sprinkles of salt, pepper, and olive oil.

(photo credits: Ada’s Interior Design)

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6 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … { egg yumminess }

  1. Janet says:

    This looks yummy. Sometimes these quick meals are the best.

    • Ada says:

      Yep, and just bec it’s quick doesn’t mean it’s not healthy :) . PLUS, I love mixing warm (rice) + cold (salad) treats in my dishes.

  2. rooth says:

    I’m becoming such a huge fan of arugula… and to imagine I didn’t like it a few years ago

    • Ada says:

      Hi Rooth, wow, u didn’t like arugula. There was a time that I didn’t like shrimp … now CHOMP CMOMP. Arugula and basil are my fave to add to salads.

  3. noreen says:

    ada - you remind me of julia child, and how relaxed she was in the kitchen - at least in her tv shows. we watched the old ones. so fun. looks yummy!

    • Ada says:

      Hi Noreen, thanks .. I aim to be ‘relaxed’ when cook .. though sometimes it’s a storm gathering stuff within 5 minutes. I must say, I like cooking, but not a fan of the clean up. Thankfully when I cook, hubby cleans and vice versa :)

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