Tasty Tuesdays … {DIY icecream + spoons!}

There’s something about homemade ice cream that is just so comforting and joyful. And what’s better than experimenting with your own flavors and even creating DIY decorative wooden spoons to boot! Ez (pronounced ee-zee!) from Creature Comforts, has a blog full of inspirational and beautiful ideas, and shows us how to make our ice cream even more special (nooo no liquor involve, we keep it rated G here!):

Do you like the ‘decorative flair’ that Ez gave to the wooden serving spoons?

Lots of blueberries go into creating this beautiful ice cream treat…

After adding some gorgeous blueberry sauce, it is ready to be served to (sure to be impressed) guests:

Makes me crave some ice cream right about nooooow! Head over to Ez’s blogsite and read detailed instructions on how to make your very own unique ice cream. Thanks so much, Ez, for sharing your delicious and decorative ideas!

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4 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … {DIY icecream + spoons!}

  1. Anastasia says:

    oh i adore Ez’ blog - its so fresh and hip and ever so inspiring!!

    • Ada says:

      I agree Anastasia … Ez has great posts!! I just spotted her Project Runway pics and though I ususally don’t go about looking through fashion-like posts I was fasinated by the pics.

  2. Antonio says:

    I love G rated ice cream.

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