Tasty Tuesdays … { Colorful Carne Asada Tacos }

One of my favorite easy + tasty dinners to make (and eat!) is tacos. Jenny, the stay at home mom behind Picky Palates, creates + shares her family-friendly + delicious looking recipes. Below, are her colorful carne asada soft tacos. Yum!

Here, she shows the ingredients she used:

Homemade “salsa” and guacamole add pretty colors to the yummy-looking taco!

All the ingredients come together to make a family-friendly creation!

How pretty (+ delicious) do these look? With Cinco De Mayo coming up (on May 5th!) these are great for a festive celebration! Treat yourself great within your home, heart, and tummy!

Pop on over to Picky Palate to check out how to make your own Carne Asada tacos! Thanks Jenny for your tasty inspiration! 

(photo credits: Picky Palate)

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8 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … { Colorful Carne Asada Tacos }

  1. Rose says:

    YUM! I love tacos but I always use the cheapy tortillas, never even heard of tortilla bread - will try next time! Thanks for sharing Jenny’s yummy creation!

  2. rooth says:

    YUMM - these look good and pretty simple too! Tacos are always a dinner favourite at my house

  3. Amanda says:

    This looks so deliciousssss. In my house it’s one of the favorites. I love how she tied the tortilla bread.

  4. Mmmmm, such great comfort food, could definitely do with one of these today! Love the bright colours too.

  5. homestilo says:

    …and now I’m hungry!

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