Tasty Tuesdays … {Cannoli + the Cake Boss!}


Are you a fan of Cake Boss? – the TV reality show about the family owned bakery, called Carlos Bake Shop, and run by Buddy Valastro and fam (or as they say La Famiglia <–you gotta say it with an accent!). Well, I got to taste their cannolis and OMG delish! I took a few pics for you:

Have you tasted their baked yummies? Have you seen their TV show? I have seen a few episodes and I must admit .. I am facinated! It is art .. the yummy kind! Remember to live delicious within your home, heart, and tummy! Happy Tuesday!!!!

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6 Responses to Tasty Tuesdays … {Cannoli + the Cake Boss!}

  1. Jane says:

    I absolutely love Cake Boss! I’m not a fan of cannolis but these pictures are making me crave some. Yum!

  2. nick says:

    omg are those cream puffs? they look soo delicious.

  3. Fran Hardy says:

    My first experience of cannolis was an italian friend in elementary school who would bring them EVERYDAY in her lunch box. There were three of us that were lunch buddies and whoever was the ‘best friend’ that day got to share it with her. I rediscovered them in south Philly and knew where the best ones were….no whipped cream please, real ricotta filling…..

    • Ada says:

      What YUMMY elementary school memories u have!!!!! Mine is the vice principal giving me detention for strolling in late once again!

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