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Enter foyer, take off shoes, relax!

I love designing foyers - always aiming for a bit of the unexpected element. In Michael and Jacob’s home I designed their foyer to include coat racks made from tree wall decals,  photo frames that open from the front (makes … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink …{ Swimming Fish Decals on Radiator }

Isn’t this fish a cutie-pie!! I presented this decal design to a client to ‘decorate’ a radiator cover.  They come in sheets, so I I streeeetched my fingers and got to work taking each one out of the sheet and … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … { colorful Disk Art for my client }

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I am sharing a peek at one of my design projects for a client in Riverdale (a bedroom) + my tip on how I guide my contractors in placing art on the walls. Whatchathink of the color placement … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-It … { vintage bike decal }

Haaaappy Monday! How was ur weekend? I spend yesterday creating 2 spider pumpkins …they came out pretty cute (photos to be revealed next week 10/10). In the meantime, today’s post reveals a vintage BIKE decal that I installed at a client’s apartment … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { monogrammed PAPER stencil }

Hi! Today’s make-it is a project I designed a few years ago for a dressing area adjacent to a small bathroom. I made a stencil simply out of copy paper. Normally I would suggest a thicker material, but on a small budget … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {today I install a tree decal}

OMG … I look awful in the pic below (like I am going to start singing opera oooooo). All in the name of inspiring u! No, not to sing (unless u want to), but to jazz up a wall with decals. … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {yarn + wire = LOVE decor!}

Happy Monday! Happy .. right?! Did you know that with wire and colorful yarn you can create a lovely decorative addition to your home. Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic shows us how! Camilla’s Yarn Love DIY project is perfect if you want something simple, … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {a birdcage for your walls}

Happy Monday! I hope u had a great weekend. Mine was filled with pool play, BBQ, going to the movies (we watched Cowboy & Aliens), + going through tons of pics from my Spain trip - I pulled several pics of our apt rental to show … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {$0.00 branch wallart}

Happy Monday! Today’s a quick no cost DIY made my moi! … where I spotted some cool large branches outside - too large to stuff into my purse, but cool enough to add it to my office wall as wallart. My wall already … Continue reading

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