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Friday’s Finds … { Jezzba Dress | Bird Wall Hooks + more… }

Today’s finds have such a mix of elegant and fun style to it. What’s your favorite find below? 

Mine is the Wimbledon Armchair! I loooove this chair (wouldn’t fit in my home (booo hooo), but maybe for our next … READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds … {Shopbop | green’s ready for travel}

Today’s collage of finds makes me wanna pack my bags and hop on a private jet to travel an exotic warm island. Um, not that I have a private jet (OMG – sooo cool if I did!). The Black Palmer READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds … {ruche + cool patterns}

I’ve had suuuch a busy day already today, seems like every hour is a blink! Blink … waaa … where did the time go? Things got a lil crazy when I couldn’t print to our office printer so I had … READ MORE

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Wednesday’s Wink … {floating vase + more}

Today I am featuring some decorative items from one of my fav stores, Animi Causa. Several of their items are one of those that u find yourself doing a double take to take another look with the thought of … READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds … { Stripe Mania! }

Do you recognize the person (ummm ‘model’?) below in today’s Friday’s Finds? I’ll give you a minute .. laaa laaa la la! It’s me : o !!!

Not like I don’t have a gazillion other things to do but I … READ MORE

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Wednesday’s Wiink … {New Moon Studio GORGEOUS!}

If you are looking for handmade ultra unique ceramics to decorate your home, then stroll over to Hilal’s company called New Moon Studio from Rhode Island. Check out some of her designs below (aren’t they GORGEOUS!)

New Moon Studio also … READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds. . . Corner chair + Buddha + more

Happy Friday wohoowohooowooho <–that’s me singing with my Friday dance! What do you think about today’s collage? I find item# 3 (the corner chair to be sleek and unique). And I love how red simply livens up a space (red … READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds . . . Love and Chocolate

I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake (I managed to remove soda from my ummm …’diet’), but saying goodbye to my coffee has been a different story .. especially difficult when I pass by a Starbucks coffee shop – … READ MORE

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Wednesday’s Wink . . . {surround yourself with love}

Hello readers! The roads and sidewalks are icy today in NY (makes me very grateful that I have a home office and my new decorating consultation service via Skype video – phew!). Hubby already told me he skated a few … READ MORE

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Friday’s Finds . . . Spa days

Today’s collection, I admit, is one of my favorites thus far. I think it’s because it feels serene to me … when sourcing the collage I envisioned a spa .. and hey I believe we all deserve a spa day … READ MORE

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