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Friday’s Finds … { Animal Print | ‘Love’ }

Hmmmm, doesn’t today’s Friday’s Finds remind you of a holiday coming up? …. yep, V-day is around the corner!!!!! I may invest in today’s Polka Dot Apron, it may motivate me to bake more when I feel ‘pretty’ and not … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {chic tree stump coffee tables}

Happy Monday! It is14 degrees in New York right now = brrrrr! How’s the temperature where u live? Here’s a question for today’s post: Do you love change? (I don’t mean moolaaah .. I know we all luv that). Alicia from Thrifty … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . { Pink Christmas Cuteness! }

A peek at this past Wednesday’s Wink blog column reveals my Christmas decorating color scheme. Hmmm, maybe one day I will incorporate pink ….. .. especially since from today’s Friday’s Finds we see that we can still maintain an elegant … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Yellow + Blue Christmas fun }

What’s your Christmas color scheme(ssss)? Mine at home is red and white for our living room (even our tree has white feathered garland strands). The Polka Dot Stockings in today’s collage would go great in our fireplace mantle.  Our master bedroom’s … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Silk Shirt Dress | Thanksgiving Decor }

I am sloooowly waking up from my denial that Thanksgiving is next week (or that we are even in November). Plus all these Christmas decorations in stores gets me all confused … like - Did Thanksgiving pass already??? (if so … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . { Ruffle Dress + Cool Blues }

I am in love with today’s dress - ruffles are just plain FUN to me. And isn’t the Blue Flower 3-Piece Art Set AMAZING??!! I def need a bit of more FUN since lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … {Ruche | flying pig and more}

I hope you love today’s collage including the cutie-pie flying piggie. I would buy if it was a piggie bank since I love the color (chic white), size, and wings buuuut it is not a bank (darn!). What’s your fav item … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … {Yes Style + Girly Aquas}

Today’s finds are fashionably girly. And as mature as we may be, it’s such a great feeling ‘feeling girly + pretty’. I love dressing up! Hubby got tix for the opera in November so I am super excited to go to … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { banana republic inspired decor }

Yep, today’s inspiration is from Banana Republic clothing line - who says light blues can’t be manly? Not me!!!! My fav item in today’s collage is the Dropp! Fruit Bowl Menu or as I like calling it the SPLAT bowl bec … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … {sleek silhouettes + color}

Wooohooo, it’s Friday (yaaay)! Today our office welcomes our new intern Emily! So, double wooohoooo! Welcome aboard Emily!!!! She is going to help me from getting overwhelmed with work so I can concentrate on the designs aspect over here for … Continue reading

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