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Friday’s Finds … { Jezzba Dress | Bird Wall Hooks + more… }

Today’s finds have such a mix of elegant and fun style to it. What’s your favorite find below?  Mine is the Wimbledon Armchair! I loooove this chair (wouldn’t fit in my home (booo hooo), but maybe for our next home … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Color Block Dress | Red Chair + More }

Hmmm, what is my fave item in today’s collage? As a proud momma of the new etsy store called hellooohome, I have to say it’s the PILLOW COVER featured in the collage created + sold by us!!!!!!   What’s your … Continue reading

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Ada’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway… {and the winner is…}

Happy Tuesday! Some good news… we have a winner for our Valentine’s Day Giveaway!! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated but there could only be one lucky winner (who was chosen by random.org)!! I know you are all eager to find … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Wool cape, birdie cuteness, + more}

Happy Viernes <- that’s Friday in Spanish! I loooove today’s blue Floor Lamp shade. How about you? What’s your fave item today? I love creative doormats, like the Crossword puzzle one above. I have been meaning to DIY the one I … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { color of LOVE }

Hey, just bec Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean that the love ends!! Keep up the love by surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy and company that makes you laugh! So, what’s my fave item in today’s collage? … Continue reading

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From me to you … { Valentine’s Day Giveaway }

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have a special V-day gift for all of our blog followers! We just launched our etsy shop, HelloooHome, and we are giving away one of our NEW pillow covers (+ you get to choose which design you … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Checkered Jacket | Red + Yellows }

In case you don’t know yet , I am a sucker for inspirational quotes … they made me melt with ahhh and oooh, like the one in today’s finds: …… the Pillow Cover that reads “Wherever You Go, Go With All … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Let it snow decorative accents }

Happy Friday wooohoooo! And more ‘woohooo’ news for me, is that we launched our online store hellooohome adding our FIRST item for sale so exciting!!!). If you have been a follower of our Friday’s Finds for a while, you will see that … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { “Life is Beautiful” | Orange Decor }

Life is beautiful isn’t it! It’s been such a crazy busy day at work today (I felt like I was going to get whiplash at any moment) … moments like this I have to remember to take a step back, take … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Melloooo Yellow and Red Splash! }

How’s your new year coming along? Happy 1st Friday of the new year! Did you spot the cat with the glasses in today’s collage yet? This new year I am aiming to add MORE fun into my work life and … Continue reading

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