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Color Story … Orange (bedroom chair inspired)

Ready for more color stories? Today’s story is inspired by the orange chair that I purchased for my client’s bedroom. Warning: .. you may crave cream-sicle afterwards.         These are the carpet tile samples (a mix of … Continue reading

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Friday’s | Fabrics, Floorings, Paints

What a beautiful busy week I had, with warm + fuzzy Tuesday (day of onsite consultation which I looove doing!) A few what-the-what moments yesterday … like trying to figure out how to make this animated post for today. If you … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Colorful Road Trip!! }

  These colorful pallets (+ maps) make me want to pack my bags and go on a road trip!!!!  Aren’t the colors sooo HAPPY? Besides vaca, the collage kept reminding me of something … it took me a while (a … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … {pretty drawer ‘bottoms???’}

Do you need an incentive to keep your drawers organized? What if they were sooooo pretty that you just couldn’t clutter them. That’s what Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone did! Check out her transformation below. She had these overloaded drawers, so she removed all the … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it … { coffee table REVAMP }

  Hi! I’ll be coming back to New York soon (vacas always seem to go soo fast). I hope you had a GREAT weekend. Today’s post features a coffee table revamp. Diana from Fine Diving in Chicago specializes in breathing … Continue reading

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Sunday’s video … {add personality to boringzzz bench}

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Monday’s Make-it … stenciled wall {bedroom trellis}

Hi!!! I hope you had a SPECTACULAR weekend … we BBQ’d all weekend (yum yum!). For today’s post ‘I” personally can’t look at the ‘after picture’ and not think WOOOW! How about you? Here’s the low down. Fabulous (and ultra patient) … Continue reading

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