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Mike and Jacob’s Fab Foyer + Hallway

The other day I posted the design plan for Mike & Jacob’s empty foyer and hallway including a round chair, console tables, seating, etc etc … including these tree decals that were converted to coat racks when we added hooks … Continue reading

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Enter foyer, take off shoes, relax!

I love designing foyers - always aiming for a bit of the unexpected element. In Michael and Jacob’s home I designed their foyer to include coat racks made from tree wall decals,  photo frames that open from the front (makes … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Tommy Hilfiger dress + Do u like Purple? }

This has felt like such a looooong week for me! Could be that I am still stying to karate-chop this cold I have … I think I am finally winning! Today is a very busy (exciting!!!) day since I am … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . {Masculine + Nature Inspired}

Oooh how I love the holiday coffee drinks from Starbucks - pumpkin latte is my new fav. Today’s collage feels like a very relaxed room that we can just chill-ax in (maybe with a grande size coffee cup in hand). … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . {Funky + Fun | Pink + Silver}

Happy Friday!!! Today’s finds makes me think Pretty in Pink meets Breakfast at Tiffany movies (do you see it too???) : My fav item in today’s collage is def Vintage Camera Boxes - maybe it’s bec. I am using my camera more … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . {Trendy Dress and Fun Inspirations}

The Angelique Mirror - Black in today’s finds looks like the frame I have around my entry door (though mine is a bit leeeess ornate). Doesn’t today’s model photo look like it’s from a red carpet event? But hey YOU … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … {“Leaf” a message and more}

Hiya! Yesterday hubby and I went to the market to stock up on a few things before the hurricane Irene visits NY, of course I got munchies (water + munchies = I am set!). Today’s furniture finds remind me of … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … Folding bookcase + more!

I was very intriqued when I spotted this folding bookcase (#4 in today’s collage) AND that they are STACKABLE….… then a huge smile kicked in when I spotted the affordable price … foldable, stackle, and open concept design all for … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … fireplace, ceramic stool, mirror + more

I am very tempted to buy the fireplace in this collage today. I am eyeing it for my master bedroom ESPECIALLY bec of it’s current freaking crazy good price. Last time I spotted it for double the price. I know … Continue reading

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Monday’s Make-it . . . Sunburst Mirror DIY

Sarah from Citified Country Girl created this awesome country/city sunburst mirror!  Sarah snagged some twigs from a camping trip and started this awesome DIY project.  After cleaning the sticks and figuring out how they should be placed, she got started on … Continue reading

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