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Wednesday’s Wiink … {New Moon Studio GORGEOUS!}

If you are looking for handmade ultra unique ceramics to decorate your home, then stroll over to Hilal’s company called New Moon Studio from Rhode Island. Check out some of her designs below (aren’t they GORGEOUS!) New Moon Studio also creates beautiful … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … vintage frames, floral pillows, jewelry

Can you believe I still haven’t packed and I am flying out tomorrow to San Fran California??? I do tend to leave packing to laaaast minute. Plus, I plan to buy some cool stuff other there so I shouldn’t fill my … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … {Travel and Love}

Hola. Yesterday I didn’t go to the gym, but I def had a work-out because I painted a room in my home (aspirin to the rescuuuue), today my muscles are screaming mega oouchie!! So 2 aspirins and I am ready … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . Moroccan pottery + more

Did you spot the Moroccan pottery yet? It’s # 9 item on today’s Friday’s Finds. Today’s collage reminds me to take time to sit back, relax, and read a fun magazine. I love the hidden ‘butler’ (the table-ish tray) on the … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . Electric fireplace + more

I hope you enjoy today’s Friday’s Finds … I find the collage to feel warm and cozy, and I hope you do too with the color tones and electric fireplace find (what a great mantle huh?!!). At home I have a wood burning … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … {Quotes + Notes}

Hello friends. I am so proud of myself .. it’s been 1 whoooole week and I’ve managed to reduce my coffee intake per day to just 2 cups a day (vs the 4 - 5 that I usually drank) .. without … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . Love and Chocolate

I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake (I managed to remove soda from my ummm …’diet’), but saying goodbye to my coffee has been a different story .. especially difficult when I pass by a Starbucks coffee shop - which there seems to be … Continue reading

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