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Sprinkles on what? Bagels!

Yep this is a year of ‘why not’ fun! Why not add some sprinkles onto your bagel. Smooth some creme cheese onto your bagel, sprinkle sprinkle away, then fluff up the pillow on your sofa, place your feet up on … Continue reading

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Orange you a snail?

When at the supermarket I know exactly where the cheesecakes are located. Now, if you ask me where the fruits and veggies are located I would most likely give you a blank stare. Ummduuh what does a fruit look like? … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays … { Mmm! Cheesy Bread }

Hey, who says salad is only placed on PLATES? .. not me …. I like mine occasionally on toasted bread! Have I told u that my hubby is the chef in our relationship, he made this delicious treat (and I … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays … { Colorful Carne Asada Tacos }

One of my favorite easy + tasty dinners to make (and eat!) is tacos. Jenny, the stay at home mom behind Picky Palates, creates + shares her family-friendly + delicious looking recipes. Below, are her colorful carne asada soft tacos. … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays … { Cucumber Cups }

Hi all! This is Emily, I’m part of Ada’s Team. I stumbled upon this great + tasty looking recipe that focuses on cucumbers! Lately, I’ve been eating cucumbers at least once a day - plain + by themselves, in salads, … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays … { Yummy Easter Treats! }

I know it’s early in the morning but ohh I love cheesecake! Doesn’t that look delicious? I’ll take one of each piece, please! The perfect ending to any dinner, in my book! This gorgeous cheesecake is one of MANY Easter gifts and … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink … {Travel and Love}

Hola. Yesterday I didn’t go to the gym, but I def had a work-out because I painted a room in my home (aspirin to the rescuuuue), today my muscles are screaming mega oouchie!! So 2 aspirins and I am ready … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Wink …. {Hello, Cupcake} Cuuuute!

I recently purchased a book for one of my assistants (Vicky!) who loves baking custom cupcakes; the book is soooo adorably cute and super creative that I just had to share a few pages with you … so you can oooh and … Continue reading

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