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490 colorful fabric mouse pad Check out all the 6 steps I took to transform my very boring mouse pad into an adorable colorful cat shape mouse pad. Hint: I used fabric! Oh, did I mention I made it under 10 minutes? – well, … READ MORE

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Pretty hanging wall decor that you can easily make

if you want a super economical, easy to make, colorful (customized to colors you love) hanging decor to give your wall a unique look try making these hanging DIY paint dipped look leaves. Pretty hanging wall decor that you can easily make
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3 Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts

There is nothing more personal than a gift you create yourself, so this holiday reason (or maybe bookmark it for a birthday gift) why not try creating awesome DIY Christmas gifts. I found 3 awesome diy projects that you can create for Christmas without spending LOTS OF MONEY on materials, plus u get the unique personal/unique factor.
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The end of fumbling with your keys has arrived!

Cool news … I am now an expert contributor at the fabulous women’s lifestyle network called SheKnows (Named Top 100 Women’s Website by Forbes). Yaaaay (cue: confetti). There I will be creating, styling, photographing and writing fun DIY projects … READ MORE

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How to create a GIANT heart

I’m so excited to be able to incorporate fashion (with a twist), keep reading my posts and soon you will know what I mean by “twist”. Hint: I have been zooming around gathering outfits for photo shoots; plus fueling on … READ MORE

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Making photo gift tags for xmas!

Today I will show you how you can create your very own Photo Gift Tags that you can add to gifts for family, friends, co-workers. The photo gift tag identifies WHO the gift it for (its my FAVORITE DIY gift … READ MORE

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3 Holiday Garland Ideas for a Creative Season

Here’s a recap of the three Garlands that I created this month just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving holiday. The all are leaf shapes, but in different materials . . . . fabric, paper, and real leaves (dried … READ MORE

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Using white-out to decorate pumpkin for Thanksgiving!

I love showing clients how they can use WHAT THEY ALREADY have to decorate. It’s the unexpected element in a decor that makes a design pop. For today’s DIY, you can use PAINT, or WHITE MARKER, and even a fancy … READ MORE

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Do Acorns Blush? Our DIY ones do!

Isn’t this one of the cutest acorns that you have ever seen? It’s a shy one too – hence the blushed cheeks.

I went on the HUNT for acorns around my hood to make this project. My morning walk turned … READ MORE

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How to make a Flip book of kisses blowing in the wind

I created today’s DIY post before we left for Hawaii (you can check out where we are now in Hawaii via my instagram updates). What did I make? A tiny (pocket-size) FLIPBOOK to give to hubby for our 4 year READ MORE

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