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Enter foyer, take off shoes, relax!

I love designing foyers - always aiming for a bit of the unexpected element. In Michael and Jacob’s home I designed their foyer to include coat racks made from tree wall decals,  photo frames that open from the front (makes … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { color of LOVE }

Hey, just bec Valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean that the love ends!! Keep up the love by surrounding yourself with colors that make you happy and company that makes you laugh! So, what’s my fave item in today’s collage? … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Animal Print | ‘Love’ }

Hmmmm, doesn’t today’s Friday’s Finds remind you of a holiday coming up? …. yep, V-day is around the corner!!!!! I may invest in today’s Polka Dot Apron, it may motivate me to bake more when I feel ‘pretty’ and not … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Let it snow decorative accents }

Happy Friday wooohoooo! And more ‘woohooo’ news for me, is that we launched our online store hellooohome adding our FIRST item for sale so exciting!!!). If you have been a follower of our Friday’s Finds for a while, you will see that … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Tommy Hilfiger dress + Do u like Purple? }

This has felt like such a looooong week for me! Could be that I am still stying to karate-chop this cold I have … I think I am finally winning! Today is a very busy (exciting!!!) day since I am … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Melloooo Yellow and Red Splash! }

How’s your new year coming along? Happy 1st Friday of the new year! Did you spot the cat with the glasses in today’s collage yet? This new year I am aiming to add MORE fun into my work life and … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . { Pink Christmas Cuteness! }

A peek at this past Wednesday’s Wink blog column reveals my Christmas decorating color scheme. Hmmm, maybe one day I will incorporate pink ….. .. especially since from today’s Friday’s Finds we see that we can still maintain an elegant … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Yellow + Blue Christmas fun }

What’s your Christmas color scheme(ssss)? Mine at home is red and white for our living room (even our tree has white feathered garland strands). The Polka Dot Stockings in today’s collage would go great in our fireplace mantle.  Our master bedroom’s … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds . . . { Eddie Bauer + cozy Christmas Decor }

It’s Friday wooohoooooo!!! Today’s collage is inspired by the ultra cozy looking Eddie Bauer Jacket. Do you love the blue accent below? I may make a similar Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments for my home this year. It’s looks simple yet elegant in … Continue reading

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Friday’s Finds … { Silk Shirt Dress | Thanksgiving Decor }

I am sloooowly waking up from my denial that Thanksgiving is next week (or that we are even in November). Plus all these Christmas decorations in stores gets me all confused … like - Did Thanksgiving pass already??? (if so … Continue reading

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