How to make sweater vases | aka: spaghetti sauce jar

Creating sweaters for vases/containers (the Ada way!) is super easy to do and $0.00 cost since you are using material that you already have at home. Spring (cleaning) is around the corner so go inspect your closet this weekend for sweaters that have stains, don’t fit any more, that are ‘holey’, or are plain ug (you know, the “why-on-earth-did-i-buy-that” ugly). Kids old worn out sweaters r great to use bec they have smaller arms to fit “vases” all snugly. Ransack your closet for sweaters (or visit a thrift shop for mega savings on used sweaters), and ransack ur fridge for used containers/vases.  The sweaters’ sleeves hide the bland nakedness of used containers making them look oooh so stylish. Check out these pretty sweater vases below – can you tell which is the water bottle? … the olive jar? … the Newman’s salsa dip jar?

1. gather old sweaters
2. cut sleeves
3. sew bottom (loosely, or iron a patch to seal it)
4. gather (clean) containers to use as vases

There is no need to have a  tight sew stitch. All the ones I created I sewed for less than a minute bec (1) I dislike to sew (haha!), and (2) the containers (ahem, ‘jars’) stood straight with a simple soft stitch. A tight stitch may bulk up too much fabric material at the bottom and make the container flop over. Get ready to decorate your home with spring flowers this season in a stylish and mega-economical way. Now, go inspect your closet. And let me know if you have any questions or simply want to say hello below.


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  1. antonio says:

    I love that idea. I know exactly which sweater to use : )

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