SEE 3 (modern) STORAGE SOLUTIONS for PLAYROOM for Kathryn and her mom + dad

1 modern play area in living room_hanging shelves wall cabinet 490 Since I specialize in creating affordable solutions, I don’t accept high end projects that consist of expensive furniture items; meaning I wouldn’t buy a 5,000 chair for a client, instead I would buy a $350 one and make it look amazing! With my secret ‘awesome-sauce’. It’s a secret so I can’t share the ingredient with you. Ok, I’ll share the secret ingredient . . . it’s love! I absolutely LOVE what I do, decorating clients homes customizing it to their style and budget is so dear to my heart. As insanely busy as it gets, I love the process of bringing my designs (tailored to my clients wish list) to life. The wishlist for my clients’ 3 year old daughter Kathryn’s design was to (1) carve out space within their living room for a play area (2) have storage, and (3) maintain a cohesive flow (so the play area didn’t stand out like a sore thumb) within their living room. Mission accomplished! Check out the 3 storage solutions I added (you may even be tempted to add it to your own room) AND photos on how the design turned out. Warning - lots of cuteness in the photos!

2 modern play area in living room

We could had added a custom bench to the window space -or- go the awesome economical route and add a ‘perfectly fitted’ size bench in the space. We went with the latter, adding a comfy STORAGE ottoman in a soft gray chevron fabric. Stephanie told me that Kathryn immediately made the bench her doll’s bed, Tucking them in every night. So cute, right!

3 modern play area in living room - elephant wall decal on shelf You seriously do NOT NEED TO add a lot to make a room beautiful and functional. Below are the 3 storage solutions I added to the play area which may be perfect for you too.


1. add a storage bench (not just a regular bench, but one that can store / HIDE all your stuff). //  I looked through several benches to find the perfect fit (in size, style, and color).

For the play area, the cabinets were really for mom and dad to hide store away (wink wink!) items from the little one.

2. add wall mounted cabinets (best thing-EVER bec not only does it provide you with extra storage INSIDE  and ON TOP but it gives the room a visual height ‘balance’.  So, instead of adding artwork to an empty wall maybe you want to opt for adding wall cabinets.

For the play area, we staggered the cabinets to give it a more fun elements, then used the top of the cabinets as EXTRA storage space.

3. shelves (use wisely!) When buying shelves, already KNOW what you plan on putting on the shelves, this will keep the shelf tidy / decorative / and functional instead of a drop-zone for anything and everything.

For the play area, I looked for a dual purpose shelf. Kids LOVE to draw to I found a wall shelf that held books and doubled as a paper bin. Easy access to new drawing paper while being stored on the way was the perfect match for this space.

4 modern play area in living room with window bench 490 For this space, we also added soft roman shades, we didn;t want to hide the amazing view of lady liberty (yep, if you squint through the window you can spot the Statue of Liberty on the left). Perfect view in person, in my photo …. not so much, hence the squinting ; ) have fun looking through the rest of the photos . . .

5 modern play area in living room window shade roman shades 490 6 modern play area in living room - decoratign window with play items 490 7 modern play area in living room - using children table in living room 490 8 modern play area in living room - gray geometric fabric pattern on gray bench _pink pillow 490 9 modern play area in living room - white wall mounted cabinets - storage 490 11 modern play area in living room - storage solutions for kids area 490

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  1. antonio says:

    It totally shows that you love what you do. Your creations are amazing.

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