The 9 Steps to Install Kitchen Tiles (school is in!)

Hubs and I decided to skip a long vaca this year to splash around in our kitchen instead (yep, it’s kitchen reno time!). And even though I have my contractors # on speed dial, we plan to do most of the reno ourselves including. The plan: new floors, new backsplash, new countertop, plus a few added touches (relocating electrical outlets, creating DIY door knobs for the cabinets, etc.) I always like prepping before I start a project, so I went to The Tile Shop for DIY lessons on installing tiles and as u can see from my pic below, it was fun and mesmerizing. 

9 Steps for Installing Wall Tiles: 

1. prepare surface
2. layout the tiles
3. cut the tiles
4. mix thinset adhesive
5. trowel the thinset
6. set the tiles
7. mix and apply grout
8. sponge and buff tiles
9. seal grout/tiles

After the DIY tiling lesson, we headed to a local countertop yard (a candy store to me!!!!) to review specifics and drool over the natural stone slates at their yard. Paparazzi (hubs) took this pic below as I reviewed my design details w Steve from Adria Stone. Are you planning any reno or redecorating this spring season?

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4 Responses to The 9 Steps to Install Kitchen Tiles (school is in!)

  1. Antonio says:

    I’m actually starting my kitchen reno today. Thanks for sharing your steps. Now I have to stop procrastinating.

  2. homestilo says:

    What fun! Tiling 101 AND a trip to the countertop yard?! Around here, I’ve decided some serious purging has to happen before any new projects are undertaken.
    Looking forward to seeing the kitchen development!

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