0 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions Finally done! – my snowman door wreath. I love the way it turned out, and hope you do too. Check out below my behind the scenes photos (cameo appearance by T-Rex and me), the 7 items i used to make sure the snowman including fashionable attire, plus the 5 steps to easily create your very own snowman wreath (psst, here’s one step – stuff the gloves with tissue paper to make the fingers chubby). Hope you luv! Make sure you add the images to your PINTEREST board for future reference if you do luv it!

1 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions


1. 3 artificial wreaths (for head, chest, and  ’round’ legs)
2. branches (for arms and to hold gloves/mittens)
3. scissors or branch cutter
4. floral wires (to attach wreathes together, etc)
5. tissue paper (to make glove fingers chubby)
6. tape (to attach branch into sturdy surface)
7. stiff paper (to keep branch centered in glove)
8. attire: GLOVES, SCARF, and HAT

2 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions

3 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions


1. make the head (top wreath) smaller than the body by folding all the outer branches INWARD to make the diameter tinier

2. attached each wreath with floral wire in the center

3. add tissue paper into the fingers and palm of each glove to make it chubby [you now have a HAND]

4. attach branch to a stiff paper and insert into the glove to keep the branch centered to the glove [you now have an ARM with hand]

5. with floral wire wrap the bottom of the branches into the side of the middle wreath until sturdy [you now have a SNOWMAN BODY].

That’s it! Now, dress your snowman door wreath unless you want it to be naked and streaking all nilly willing in your front door.

4 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions


  • artificial wreaths are great bec u can use the wiring to help position the branches
  • when attaching with a wire the top (head) wreath with the middle (chest) wreath leave a little room so you can make a NECK area to wrap the scarf
  • tape your scarf (with double sided tape to your door) to give the illusion of a windy day
  • for a ‘snow’ illusion spray the wreath with artificial snow

5 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions Remember, this doesn’t HAVE TO be a snowman door wreath. You can add it to a wall for a festive winter fun decor in your home or maybe even your office. AND, this isn’t just for the holidays. It’s a winter snowman so you can have the adorable FUN DECOR shine it’s cute self throughout the winter season. Maybe even create it in January with any left over window wreaths that you may have laying around from Christmas or buy artificial wreaths after Christmas taking advantage of those after the holiday sales.  6 DIY snowman wreath for front door - instructions

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