Contact Paper VS Blow Dryer in Kitchen

I found that the BEST way to remove pain-in-the-arse old contact paper from shelves is to face it off with a blow dryer! Yes paper, quiver in fear! And the winner is …. the blow dryer!

You know when you use the public restroom and reach for toilet paper and annoyingly only slivers of paper come out of the bin (and u end up having to pull it 7 times to make 1 sheet), well … that’s how removing VERY OLD shelf contact paper feels like. But, hey it doesn’t deter this gal from her kitchen reno. Bye bye (50+ years) contact paper ….

We removed all contents from our cabinets (we basically relocated the kitchen into our dining area), and all our cabinet doors (u can see more behind the scenes here). Good upper arm workout - Tsst, who needs the gym when you have a kitchen renovation to work on!
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Stay tuuuuned for more updates (backsplash ceramic tiles GONE, vinyl floors GONE, etc. etc.)

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2 Responses to Contact Paper VS Blow Dryer in Kitchen

  1. Antonio says:

    What a great way to remove the paper.
    After my reno I hurt in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. :)

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