Saturday’s Color Story … { huge FROGish train }

Today’s color story is inspired by another subway train ‘decoration’ .. this time it was an advertisement from Adelphi University. A very ‘unique’ one .. by that I mean a scary one :O. But, maybe it just scares me (bec. as u will see the colors are bright and cheery). I’ll show you pics of the train soon, but 1st here’s the color story collage inspired by the train’s colors:


These peppers inspire me to cook - and I am not much of a cook, so it takes a looooot to inspire me, or maybe it just inspires me to eat :

Ok, ready for the subway train pics .. now THANK GOODNESS I was walking with my Starbucks coffee in my hand and several sips of the yum cafe in my tummy because when I spotted this from it looked like it was suspiciously staring at me with hunger:

I love butterflies, not to sure if I like them this HUGE, but still I found it beautiful sitting on the train seats staring at the butterfly in amazement:

Then I turned and thought (for a moment only) that the frog from outside had followed me inside the train:

Overall, it was very nice being surrounded me trees … ok, fake ones but nonetheless tress within the forest, then doors opening and walking back into our concrete jungle:

Have you seen the subway train decorated with a fireplace, console table, and more? Check it out here.

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  1. Hi Ada, I can see how that ad would be a bit overwhelming. Your color story is bright and cheery, though. I like it. Also I appreciate how you were sitting on the subway, took out your camera, and caught the pictures. Happy weekend!

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