Saturday’s Color Story … {Inspired by Autumn}

This past work week was been filled with photoshoots …. of design projects I am wrapping up and new ones in the mix. And now that I received my new camera lense (early xmas present to moi!) … I AM LOVING photoshoots even more. I am practicing practicing practicing taking pics … here are some for today’s color story:

Autumn is here reminding us of the beauty of the change in season so I gathered some leaves from outside to model for these pics including carpet tile samples and one of my fave book on logos:

Here’s a blue window shade sample (do you like how soft and serene the blue color looks?):  

Taking photos really fine tunes my eye to see things in more detail (which I love … having the perfectionist gene), but it also helps me practice letting imperfections be and appreciating them (though this feeling usually rolls in after 30 minutes of not getting the perfect shot I was aiming for then saying … um, ok it is good after all.) For my past Saturday’s Color Story columns I have been adding personal pics, but frankly it’s time consuming to prep/upload/etc so I will probably not add the personal pics, yet still showcase a color story theme - like today’s autumn inspiration. I hope u come back next week to view the next color story.

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2 Responses to Saturday’s Color Story … {Inspired by Autumn}

  1. Bianca says:

    These are such beautiful colors!

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