Saturday Color Story … {inspired by vaca in Spain}

Hi … feels like it’s been a while since I published a color story. Um, ok… it’s bec it has been a while, but we are back on schedule woohoo!!! I created today’s story based on my recent trip to Europe - Barcelona, Spain ….

…. which means that I am sharing my color story design  PLUS photos that my hubby and I took while at our vaca in Barcelona. We looooved the beach, which was walking distance from the apartment we rented during our stay, so I added sea shells to the color story:

I love this tray (close up pic shown below) - which I purchased from Ikea in NY … it wasn’t a purchase from Spain that I shoved into my luggage. We are actually light packers - thank goodness bec. I would then want to fit several cool chairs into my luggage. Back to the tray…  it has a Mediterranean style that I love. I did buy a beautiful ring that looks like water is encased in the design (shown in one of the photos below).

Ok, now photos from places we visited. I took tooooons of photos so I am adding a few here and the rest on Facebook. Below is the Gaudi House Museum:

Sagrada Familia church:

Around town (delicioooous water):

Did you see the video tour of the apartment rental that my hub and I stayed at while in Barcelona? If not you can check it out here. I We also published some photos of the apartment in our Wednesday’s Wink column if u want to take a peek at the apt rental. Plus I uploaded lots of our pics on Facebook . Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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4 Responses to Saturday Color Story … {inspired by vaca in Spain}

  1. antonio says:

    Can’t wait to visit

  2. i remember when i was there… such a beautiful city!

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